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How many unforgettable moments did you live with your family! There is no one like your people, to share joy, laughter and gestures full of emotion.

Hi, I’m Pavla
Photographer at lilaluchs Photography

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They say, I’m able to capture emotions. That’s why one of my clients gave me the nickname “photographer of emotions”.read more

Thank you, Rosa 🙂

I have more than a decade of experience as a professional photographer. After a long break as a mom I am coming back – thanks to the support of my clients of which many have become my friends over the years I have lived in the city of sun, Valencia. I’m really from Prague, but since I love the smiles that sun usually brings with, this is my place.

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Fun and professional photos with your family

I propose a fun session in the place you like the most to capture this complicity with a fun family photo shooting. From the little ones to the elderly and, why not, also your pets, they will all be protagonists in these snapshots.

Without poses or forced attitudes, my images are full of spontaneity. That’s because I think there is nothing prettier than authentic happiness.

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