How about giving away a photo shoot in Valencia?

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How about a photo shoot in Valencia as a give away? Whoever you want to treasure – your baby, your family, your parents, your pet, your friends. Giving away a photo shoot in Valencia (or elsewhere in Spain) is not common and results being a very surprising and fun gift. I prepare a gift box of the session you choose and print a personalized message according to your instructions.

Hi, I’m Pavla
English speaking Photographer at lilaluchs Photography

lilaluchs Photography -

They say, I’m able to capture emotions. That’s why one of my clients gave me the nickname “photographer of emotions”.read more

Thank you, Rosa 🙂

I have more than a decade of experience as a professional photographer. After a long break as a mom I am coming back – thanks to the support of my clients of which many have become my friends over the years I have lived in the city of sun, Valencia. I’m really from Prague, but since I love the smiles that sun usually brings with, this is my place.

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    I'm in Valencia, with clients all over Europe. I move between my studio in the Pobla de Farnals, Mislata and the center of Valencia. My sessions are held especially in the Valencian Community, but also throughout Spain and Europe.

    I speak fluently english. Und natürlich auch deutsch. -- Pavla.

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