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Family sessions, photo shoots of children, maternity pictures, baby photo shoots and celebrations.

Pregnancy flies by, and when you realize it, babies are already children. Each of these moments is unrepeatable and I want you to treasure it forever in sensitive and natural images.

Hi, I’m Pavla, Photographer at lilaluchs Photography

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They say, I’m able to capture emotions. That’s why one of my clients gave me the nickname “photographer of emotions”.read more

Thank you, Rosa 🙂

I have more than a decade of experience as a professional photographer. After a long break as a mom I am coming back – thanks to the support of my clients of which many have become my friends over the years I have lived in the city of sun, Valencia. I’m really from Prague, but since I love the smiles that sun usually brings with, this is my place.

I want to see you happy.

As a family photographer I capture those smiles and emotions and dedicate myself to create snapshots that reflect the intensity, tenderness and joy of these moments.

I accompany you and your family in an easy going and fun photoshoot in Valencia and surrounding areas of your choice. I also cover birthday parties and other family celebrations in a casual style with no hassle for you.

Fotógrafos de bebés y recién nacidos en Valencia
Fotógrafos de bebés y recién nacidos en Valencia

Reportaje fotográfico familiar en Valencia
reportaje fotos bebe niño valencia

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I'm in Valencia, with clients all over Europe. I move between my studio in the Pobla de Farnals, Mislata and the center of Valencia. My sessions are held especially in the Valencian Community, but also throughout Spain and Europe.

I speak fluently english. Und natürlich auch deutsch. -- Pavla.

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